Welcome to the 2017 National Show Specialty

Join us for a little southern hospitality this year when the Specialty comes to Raleigh, NC.

Save the dates for August 31st to Sept 4th.

MB-F, INC will mail a printed copy to a list I will provide them. All you have to do is to add your name and address in a request here, Premium List Request

Join the conversation, meet up with others attending the event. Find us on Facebook by searching on @2017ACCNSS

~ George Makatura, Show Chairman

~ Lois Shultz, Show co-Chair

~ Lois Shultz, Judges Hospitality

~ Joanne Silver, Obedience and Rally Chair

~ Lori Johnson, Obedience and Rally co-Chair

~ Stephanie Roberson-Thomas, Agility and Dock Diving Chair

~ Valerie Farrell, Agility co-Chair

~ Brian Miller, Trophy Chair

~ Mel Phillips, Hospitality

~ George Forte, Merchandise Chair

~ Ann Law and Lois Wida, Auction co-Chairs

~ Ann Law, Banquet Chair

~ Renee Wolfe, Catalog Chair

Premier Rosettes by Peppi