Welcome to the 2017 National Show Specialty

Join us for a little southern hospitality this year when the Specialty comes to Raleigh, NC.

Save the dates for August 31st to Sept 4th.

Join the conversation, meet up with others attending the event. Find us on Facebook by searching on @2017ACCNSS

~ George Makatura, Show Chairman

~ Lois Shultz, Show co-Chair

~ Lois Shultz, Judges Hospitality

~ Joanne Silver, Obedience and Rally Chair

~ Lori Johnson, Obedience and Rally co-Chair

~ Stephanie Roberson-Thomas, Agility and Dock Diving Chair

~ Valerie Farrell, Agility co-Chair

~ Brian Miller, Trophy Chair

~ Melinda Phillips, Hospitality

~ George Forte, Merchandise Chair

~ Ann Law and Lois Wida, Auction co-Chairs

~ Ann Law, Banquet Chair

~ Renee Wolfe, Catalog Chair

~ Renee Wolfe, RV Reservations (NC Fairgrounds)

~ Mike McCarthy, Auctioneer Extraordinaire

Premier Rosettes by Peppi